Fax Online: How Internet Faxing Can Improve Your Business

Fax Online: How Internet Faxing Can Improve Your Business

December 25, 2012
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If you’re wondering what one of the steps is to create a successful business, it is communication –which is why you should consider sending a fax online instead of with your old office fax machine. It may not make sense now if your business is still in the startup stages, but upgrading to a professional phone system will provide your company with more opportunities than your regular landline or fax machine is an investment that will pay off in increased company productivity as well as the chance to gain added revenue. In this day and age, information is readily available to us via the dynamic developments in communication technology, and by being able to send a fax via online means, you are equipping your company to take on bigger challenges.

What Are Some Benefits of Internet Faxing?

Internet fax is a feature that can come with your company’s business phone service. Since sending a fax online lets you do it from your personal email address and fax number, you instantly eliminate the difficulties that might arise from using a traditional fax machine, such as running out of ink or paper, the chance of paper jamming, etc. This also makes sending faxes online more secure than traditional faxing, because you’re sure that the information transmitted goes straight to your inbox.

Internet fax messaging is also a cost-effective solution to your business, since the cost of sending a fax is included in your monthly payment for your ISP. With traditional faxing, you have to contend with pricey long-distance calls, spending for the cost of toner cartridges, paper, etc. Having your own special Internet fax number serves as your ID when sending and receiving a fax online, and provides you with greater mobility, so you can access your important files while on the go.

Sending and receiving a fax online can also increase company productivity because the process can be done within a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional faxing where the person has to pick up the phone and allow it to be printed out, you can send and receive fax messages with just one click of the mouse.

For environmentalists, Internet fax messaging is a great way to go ‘green,’ and lessen the unnecessary use of resources such as paper, ink and toner. When you transmit a fax online, you can choose to print only what is necessary and continue to send and receive messages electronically.

Reliability is an important factor in communication, and by sending online faxes, you’ll be assured that your coworkers and customers can receive the files without the inconvenience of dealing with a busy phone line and other things like that. Make sure that your online fax provider is reliable and stable—try to get a top-tier name like RingCentral.

Invest in a phone system that allows you to send and receive a fax online in order to equip you with ways to address all the needs of your growing business.


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