The Groundbreaking Google Glass Experience


The online tech world is abuzz with Google’s ‘it’ product at the moment: the Google Glass. Google’s new Android-based headset is pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and it’s no denying that it’s the first of its kind. Google Glass is a miniature computer worn like a pair of spectacles on your head, working as […]

The Role of Social Network Marketing Experts in the world


Everyone has observed an abrupt increase in the need for social networking marketing. The explosive development of social site like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Bebop, Flickr and twitter makes extremely important for that business to employ a specialist of social networking. All of the entrepreneurs have recognized the truth that the social networking can be quite […]

Google Nexus 7: A Cheap Tablet Option for Your Business

google nexus 7

In an industry that has been dominated by the very popular iPad, resorting to other tablets may be deemed as the last option by many individuals and businesses. There are some reasons why this is so, and some of these include high-level performance and efficiency, as well as the wealth of apps that can be […]

Android Apps a Businessman Really Needs


You might already have your own Android phone at this very moment but you still want to know how you can maximize it in your work mode. Et voila. Here’s a quick list of the apps a businessman should have in his Android phone. What’s more, all of these are available for free; however, their […]

Secure and Protect Your Google Account with 3 Easy Tips


Google is a readily accessible service, even more so when you have a Google account. Having one allows you to use even more of the service Google has in store for you; the most common of these services include Gmail. However, the Internet can be a more dangerous place than you think. The Google user […]

Top 10 Tips for Using Pinterest to Getting More Traffic


Pinterest is a new social network that works as a virtual panel, where the users are able to organize and share information, hobbies, interests, or anything else that you can find on the internet. Besides establishing your own panel, you can browse the panels of others, to read about their interests and to “hang” other […]

Is it Really Time to Upgrade Your Smartphone?


Oh, I heard saving money is a part of your New Year’s resolutions. And I’ve also heard you just bought yourself an iPad Mini, an iPhone 5 and an iPad with Retina Display all on the same day. Don’t forget the two-week old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that you gave away because you suddenly got […]