Create your Online Store on Facebook and Sell More


Modernization, advancement and steady development are the key for the success of various businesses today. The internet and its various applications are the driving force behind this progress. Today’s generation is hooked to the internet and they believe in performing various jobs, which are tiring & time consuming, with ease in the comfort of their […]

Does “The New Myspace” Really Stand A Chance?


A couple years ago, the social media mega platform, Myspace, went down in lukewarm flames after users overwhelming switched over to Facebook and Twitter for their social networking needs. After being sold, resold, and finally adopted like a skinny, stray puppy by pop superstar, Justin Timberlake (who now owns 50% of the company) Myspace is out […]

YouTube! A Great Way to Broadcast Yourself


Nowadays all webmasters and business entrepreneurs are in the search of how to get unique and real traffic all around the globe to achieve their business goals. So no doubt YouTube has a fertile ground for interacting with your audience and clients just like Facebook and Twitter. Its features and style may be different, but […]

Become a better PPC writer by using Social networking sites


Creating PPC ads is a creative and tricky business because of the availability of less space to say everything and it should be attractive also so as to increase the conversion rate. The person working as an ad copywriter in a PPC (pay per click) company has to face this challenge everyday. So, what you […]

4 Ways To Get More +1s For Your Google+ Post


Think you can just ignore Google+ in your social media strategy? Considering that Google+ recently passed Twitter to become the second-most used social media network, that would be an unwise decision. While there is probably no risk of Google+ overtaking Facebook anytime soon, the platform has enough active users to make anyone who wants to […]

Get More Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page


Getting more Facebook likes on your Facebook fan page is an amazing way to reach fresh customers. One way that makes this is most helpful is the fact that once people have “liked” your social network page you can reach out them with status and post updates for free! How amazing is that? Here are […]

Meet Me Online


Communication and file-sharing have never been cheaper and more appealing. More than two users may share a call or may gain access to several files uploaded online. Settings for these files may be fixed to either private or public viewing.  Nowadays, individuals and businesses seek for applications developed for communicating and synchronizing files and documents.  […]